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Name: Feeder Focus

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Focus Stage 1

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 5

Cycle entries: 1

Cycle bonus: 50

Cycle point: 100

Ad Credits: 10,000,000

* Matrix 2 x 5
* Entry to Focus Stage 2
* Total Earned $50

* 10,000,000 ad credits


Focus Stage 2

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 4

Cycle entries: 15

Cycle bonus: 600

Cycle point: 200

Ad Credits: 20,000,000

Ref. Cycle bonus: 100

* Matrix 2 x 4
* 15 Re-Entries to Focus Stage 2
* Total Paid Out $600
* Entry into Outside - Higher Paying Program (Conditions Apply)
* $100 Sponsor Referral Bonus
* 20,000,000 ad credits


 Our Compensation Plan is as follows:

1. For Every upgraded Member You refer, You earn $2. Immediately they Pay their $5 into the System, your account is credited with $2.

This earning is open to Upgraded Members and Free Members. This means that You can Remain a Free member but Still Earn from ALL the Upgraded referrals you bring into the Program.

2. Upon Completing Stage 1, You Earn a Cycle Bonus of $50. This is Credited to Your account immediately and You Get a Position in Stage 2.

3. Upon Completion of Stage 2, the following happens:

(i) You Earn a Stage 2 Cycle Bonus of $600.

(ii) Your Sponsor Will Earn $100.

(iii) You Earn 15 Re-Entries into Stage 2 of Feeder Focus. This is Extremely Valuable as each position Will Earn You All the Benefits Listed in number 3.

(iv) 132 Stage 1 positions are created as Spillover from Above. This is to help Everyone in Stage 1 to Cycle Faster.

(v) $100 Will be used to purchase high converting advertising for our program.

Our Program Fills ALL the gaps in the Matrix automatically. It therefore means that NO ONE is left behind. As long as the Team Keeps Working, every body Will make good money.

You have our Best Wishes.
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New Video for the Program
We have a New Video for the Program that we can ALL use to promote our opportunity.Please feel free to Download it from YouTube for Your Use.Feeder Focus - The Perpetual Income System - Changing Financial Lives Fo... the software at to Download it and use it to promote the Website. You are allowed to upload it onto Your YouTube Channel as well as facebook. Use it wherever you see fit.Our Best Wishes.