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26. 23/03/2018 22:31
Adoption of TBC Kringles Takes effect Immediately
This is to confirm that we are adopting TBC Kringles as a Payment method with immediate effect.

TBC currently has about 3 Million users at the distribution stage and is Distributing 25,000 Kringles for free to ALL that are interested with a Target of 1Billion users. Get Your 25,000 Free kringles at

We have set our membership Fee at 100 Kringles which is close to the $5 value as we speak. This is at it should be IF members were to buy the Kringles. When the distribution is over, they will have to pay for the Kringles. HOWEVER, the value of the Kringles rises every day! That means that the cost of membership for those without Kringles will go up! We will however keep the membership at 100 Kringles. Please NOTE that the final price of the Kringle will be $10! That means that when TBC gets to 1Billion members, the cost of joining TBC will be $1,000!

$1,000 does seem abit high BUT in terms of Kringles - this is not much! Get Your Free 25,000 Kringles now! 100 Kringles for someone who got 25,000 kringles for free is little. This is WHY you should get your Free Gift from now!

TBC Kringles is huge and has a Great Admin working it. Potentially TBC at 3million users is probably bigger than Bitcoin especially in the less developed countries and yet, TBC is creating Billionaires and Millionaires. We have a great oppotunity to help TBC grow. At the same time up until the end of the year, we can each benefit from inviting people into TBC. For every 100 people you introduce you get 10TBC! Most importantly, TBC is targetting 1Billion users! This gives us as FeederFocus the opportunity to grow hugely!

So, get your 25,000 Free Kringles from 

Get your Free Gift and then open as many positions at FeederFocus as possible. Potentially, you could open 250 positions with your 25,000 Kringles. Best of ALL invite everybody you know to sign up and use their Kringles here!

There is a $10 Wallet fee at TBC. This is annual. Nothing compared to the cost of transacting using Bitcoin.

Take this chance.

Best Wishes.

27. 01/02/2018 08:30
Get Your Free Kringles from

Get Yourself some 25,000 Free kringles from

FeederFocus May soon convert to accepting Kringles as a Currency!
28. 26/12/2017 16:15
This Coin is both Impressive and Promising

Holiday Greetings,

I came across a CrypoCurrency Coin that has impressed me and that seems very impressive.

I was in the process of looking for alternatives to the high Bitcoin Transaction costs then I found TBC/Kringles.

You may already posses some as this coin is slightly over a year old. It has over 2million holders and the plan is to have at least 1 billion holders (owners). They are giving away free Kringle of 0.00025TBC (25,000kringle) worth $457 as at today price.

I suggest you get some here

29. 23/12/2017 10:09
Collect Free Coins .... that we may use in future.

This coin has been brought to our attention.

Claim Yours for Free now!

We may Start using it at Feederfocus in Future.
30. 23/12/2017 09:58
The BlockChain is Clogged! HOLD payments for Now!
The Blockchain is Clogged and therefore transactions are slow and VERY EXPENSIVE .... ALL members intending to upgrade are requested to hold off until this returns to normal!

The Blockchain is super backed up - there is a record high number of unconfirmed transactions right now. The normal amount of unconfirmed transactions is below 25,000 - it has been well above 200,000 for some time now which means miners fees are way above average and the time for a transaction to be confirmed is taking days instead of minutes or hours.

Here is a link where you can check out the current state of the Blockchain:

Please Hold off Upgrades .... it does not make sense to pay close to $50 to transact $5!

We are exploring alternatives!



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Change of Currency to the $EMPR coin
" Greetings, It is my hope that you and your family are safe and are keeping well despite the goings on globally. This is to confirm that we have changed the currency to the $EMPR coin and are converting all the existing balances by multiplying them by a factor of 500. You can withdraw them to your ERC20 wallet immediately they have been converted. This email is an indication that at l... "

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27/05/2020 23:02
It is Time for Africa to Reverse the Flow of Resources!
We can take over the $EMPR coin now and control Crypto!   Did You hear that?   CONTROL CRYPTO!   HOW YOU ask?   By buying into the $EMPR coin now. The prices are very low and we can acquire fair amounts at these low prices before the market takes over. At the price of $0.01 per coin, the $EMPR coin would be the largest in Market Cap and we would be having the controlling share! Kenya has become the first African country to make 5th place in LocalCryptos monthly trading activity. Since the start of 2020, the number of daily Kenyan trades on LocalCryptos has gro... 
27/05/2020 23:01
WHY Africans Should NOT Spend Their Money Buying Bitcoin
Our African enlightened generation would not be forgiven for allowing huge African resources to be repatriated again to the West in the name of buying Bitcoins. Of course the $EMPR coin is similar BUT it is much more affordable and holds greater prospects for Africa.   It would be totally unaceptable to therefore ask those in Africa to buy One Bitcoin at over 9K USD. This would be like a repeat of history where their forefathers scrambled for Africa and took away great wealth. This 2nd Time would be totally unforgivable. Mallence Bart-Williams | TEDxBerlinSalon | Why the wealth of A... 
27/05/2020 23:00
We as the enlightened of Africa MUST Take Over Leadership Now
We as the enlightened of Africa MUST take over leadership … not through elections (for now) or agitation but by quietly getting people centred and supporting our People where the need it most. As Africans, one of our strongest characteristics is Compassion – we must unleash it to our brothers and sisters. Our compassion is by far our greatest strength and when transferred to our neighbours, friends and family, A Great change can happen. I saw this video by @bonifacemwangi  " Kenya is an epic horror movie!" and... 
06/05/2020 18:12
Currency has Changed to the $EMPR coin! You can cash out!
Greetings,   I have adjusted the Curry to the $EMPR coin which is cash able.   Those with balances can withdraw them to their ERC20 wallets immediately. All current balalces will be multiplied by 500 times,   The price of the $EMPR coin is fairly low as of now So, it is advised that you withdraw and hold your coins.   Alternatively, you can re-invest them.   Let us have some fun with the $EMPR coin.   The $EMPR coin can be bought or sold at   You will need an ERC20 Wallet (Eth Wallet). If you do no... 
23/04/2020 12:09
Giving Away Free $EMPR
  23 APR 2020 — Greetings Everybody! I have now accumulated enough $EMPR to give out 1,000 $EMPR to 100Million People. This means that I can give to anybody whether they have signed the petition or not. Everybody who sends me their ERC20 Wallet will receive 1,000 $EMPR coins. Send a DM to my Twitter account Mutinda Kisio Ask your friends to do the same. If you are new to Crypto, get Yourself an ERC20 Wallet. The most common wallet to send, receive and store Ethereum and ERC20 tokens is the paper wallet MyEtherWallet, also known as MEW....Create an ERC20 compat...