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The Billion Coin - TBC/KRINGLES


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What is TBC and How Do I join?

What is TBC (The Billion Coin) Full Presentation
1/ This is a Crypto Coin called The Billion Coin (TBC). It is very similar to Bitcoin BUT different in that It is NOT listed in any exchange and will never be.
2/ Our block-size is 8 times larger than Bitcoin, and new coins are mined every 3 minutes, while Bitcoin coins are mined out every 10 minutes.
3/ Unlike Bitcoin which creates a lot of Wastage, ALL TBC coins Are ALL going to be Distributed by Admin, NO MINING is involved!
4/ Bitcoin’s energy consumption is equivalent to that of 6,000,000 households and emits 90,000,000 kg of CO2 (200,000,000 lb) every day. Worse, all that energy is spent to support just 2 transactions per second! TBC has avoided this HUGE WASTAGE!
5/ To collect your Portion of TBC Kringles, Enter Your details at and submit.
6/ The Value of the coin goes up with every new member and is adjusted every day at midnight Fiji Time. The idea is to give away portions of it Freely ($10 Wallet Fee) to up to 1Billion people. We are just past 3.2million. The Gift is of 25,000 Kringles.
7/ The Kringle is now valued at about $0.08 BUT will be valued at $10 maturity. That is 125times! Apart from the value appreciation, there are two promotions going on for the next month. See … … And
8/ Those doing You Tube broadcasts are getting a huge compensation. I am a trusted seller and I would be able to sell you TBC/Kringles of the value you choose. The price of 1TBC can be found here
9/ Not many can afford to buy a TBC but through the Cookie Reward System, the cookies can be converted into TBC!
10/ TBC is doing what Bitcoin failed to do. There is a Great article that implies that we are on the right path . The wealth distribution is what we are doing better than anyone else. This almost guarantees us success.
11/ Steps to a Fast Start in the TBC Community after siging up at
Receive the Gift
Complete Kringle Cash Profile
Pass the Send Button Test
Pay the $10 Admin Fee
Set up New Wallet
Set up a YouTube Broadcast
12/ Schedule a 30 Minute Broadcast inside Kringle Cash Back Office(KCBO)
Do your Broadcast
Purchase at least $100 of Kringle’s
Complete the Transaction Verification on the Buyers Side in KCBO
Have the Seller Approve your Transaction on the Sellers Side in KCBO
13/ Select a Broadcaster and become their Partner
Sign up everyone in your household and help them to receive the Gift
Help each member of your household to complete the steps above
Receive a 50% commission on each member of your household from your Partner
14/ Make a list of the 10 closest people to you in your life outside your household
Invite all 10 of them to receive the Gift and then complete the steps above
Start 50 new chat sessions on Facebook using a GIF Icebreaker
15/ Show interest in each of these Facebook friends that respond to your Icebreaker
Once chat dialog is showing open friendliness invite them to receive the Gift
Help those that receive the Gift to complete the steps above
Work your Broadcast Leads inside of KCBO
16/ Study the Blog daily
17/ The TBC Admin distributes Kringle coins as gifts and rewards twice a year during the months of May and November, and this is done through a redemption process to convert Cookies into Coins.
18/ 365 days a year Admin issues Members Cookies according to the activities Admin has assigned value to do. The gift that is valued at 0.00025 TBC is given as Cookies and later during a Redemption Period is converted into Kringle Coins.
19/ Coins are spendable and Cookies are NOT spendable. The receiver of this gift must understand the monetary value of this gift. Today 0.00025 is worth $2,124.40 USD, and that is a wonderful gift of great value.
20/ This gift appreciates in value daily and once we have fully matured with 1 Billion Members the value of 0.00025 TBC will be worth about $700,000.00 USD (1,000,000,000 Members X $2.80 USD value of 1 Grain of Gold X 0.00025 TBC Gift).
21/ Once we have fully matured, that $700,000.00 will be very spendable because the TBC economy will be matured and tens of millions of merchants will gladly accept TBC for payment for their goods and services, at that time.
22/ Takes vision to see where we are going before we get there. But the receiver of this gift has very little to do to accept it and keep it.
23/ The receiver just needs to set up a simple Kringle Cash account and verify their email and pay the small $10 Admin fee,
24/ We are busy building a TBC economy right now. Many have used TBC already to purchase cars, lands, electronics, and many other things, as well as received services for TBC payment. But we are not any where near being a full blown TBC economy at this time.
25/ Keep things in proper perspective, and adjust expectations as needed.
26/ It’s true, this handout (Gift) doesn’t do much today to help a poor person that receives it unless that poor person is already a good negotiator and can convert the coins gifted into things they need and want.
27/ But we have helped thousands of poor people already with a hand up within our TBC opportunity. Work = Pay! So, yes we are currently lifting the poor out of poverty one person at a time, and we are only getting better and better at doing that.
28/ We are setting up the platform to End Poverty, we can not End Poverty until we have completely set up the platform.
The Kringle gift needs to be taken seriously, $700,000 USD future value is very significant, and life changing!

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Latest News

09/09/2019 21:12
Changes to the Program
To try and create movement in the program, we have changed the Matrix from a 2 x 5 matrix to a 2 x 3 matrix. All those that had reached the end of the 2 x 3 Matrix have been credited with 20,000 Kringles.   We hope that this creates movement in the program henceforth.   If you have an account that has the matrix filled and we have not credited your account, please let us know as soon as possible. 
06/09/2019 07:54
This system was created as a low-risk start-up and requires no special skills to start experienci...
Building Your Future, Empowering Dreams Together Tornado Rising (TR) is your solution to mastering your money, your life and your time.   This system was created as a low-risk start-up and requires no special skills to start experiencing financial success.  
06/09/2019 07:53
Tornado Rising (TR) is your solution to mastering your money, your life and your time.
Building Your Future, Empowering Dreams Together Tornado Rising (TR) is your solution to mastering your money, your life and your time.   This system was created as a low-risk start-up and requires no special skills to start experiencing financial success.  
19/08/2019 20:36
Changes to the Program
We are with immediate effect terminating the Stage Two of Our program.   This has been made necessary by the fact that the program has moved really slowly and upto this last week ONLY one member had completed stage 2!   ALL those that had moved to Stage 2 - have been paid off. 32 members have ALL been credited with 2,600 Kringles.   We are also raising the fee for New Entries to 2,000. This will apply to All New members.   We wish you the best in Making our program move again! 
31/07/2019 07:23
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