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Name: Feeder Focus

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1. What is the Name of the program?

Feeder Focus

2. Who Can Join the Program?

Feeder Focus is open to ALL people of the World that are 18years of age and over.

3. How much does the program cost?

The program costs $5

4. How does it work?

This is a 2 x 5 forced revolving Matrix in Stage 1 and a 2 x 4 in stage 2. Stage 1 takes 62 positions to complete and Stage 2 requires 30 positions to complete.

5. What are the benefits of joining the program?

The Benefits of the Feeder Focus Program are as follows:

Total (Stage 1 & 2) Cash Pay Out to member $650
5 Stage 5 PWTB Stage 2 Bronze Entries $500
Referral Bonus $102 ($2 for Stage One Membership and $100 for Stage 2 Cycle)
15 Stage 2 Feeder Focus Cycle entries $1,350

8. What is the program relationship with PWTB?

The  target is the FINAL prize at PWTB of $166,950. That is the ONLY relationship with PWTB, that is work towards working positions in PWTB in order to achieve the benefits at PWTB. Otherwise, this program is completely independent of PWTB. PWTB has no role to play at Feeder Focus and CAN NOT affect or affect activity here.

9. What is the Program Product.

Feeder Focus is an advertising program. ALL members are awarded points at various stages of the program. Members are free to use these advertising points for their own purposes and can also use them for third parties. This third party involvement is independent of Feeder Focus.


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07/08/2017 08:12
Send Traffic to Your Link automatically
This is good for ALL of us, sign up and let us build traffic to our site.This is reasonably Good Traffic that should convert. 
05/08/2017 10:49
Site is Secure
Just to confirm that our website is now showing the secure lock. Previously this was not the case due to some banners posted. Once we deleted these, the issue was settled.Apologies for any inconviniece caused. We will pay better attention in future!A secure connection will have  "https" in the address bar, along with a green lock icon.If you notice any changes, please let us know. 
26/07/2017 09:09
Automated Traffic Program
This one promises to bring an end to our traffic drought!…Save 
18/07/2017 20:40
Payeer is one New Default Payment System
After carrying out many tests on Payment Systems, we have settled on Payeer Payeer allows for use of VISA to make payments as well as Bitcoin among other methods. We believe that it is a less problematic System and that it will enable many more people to join us. You are invited to visit the site and see it for your self. You are not required to have an account with them in order to make payments when you use bitcoin.  
15/07/2017 08:29
PIF Positions Available
I have some funds in my account that I can use for PIF.Please Get me some REAL people to PIF. Let them sign up under your link. Once they do, please send me their user names on messenger and I will PIF them within a reasonable time.Any other member willing to use their funds for PIF, please let me know.We need a critical mass of positions for the momentum to catch. Once it does, it should flow reasonably. 2,000 positions is our target. ALL online Matrix/MLM opportunities rely on numbers. When we get them, we will be fine.WHEN a PIF sees the value in the program, they will buy new positions....