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" This is looking good and working as set up. Just abit of tidying up to do. Mutinda Kisio Email : Tel No. : Website : "

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25/08/2018 10:22
When you participate in feederfocus, YOU MAY accumulate your Cookies!
Team, Please pay Attention:   I just realised that when you participate in feederfocus, YOU MAY accumulate your Cookies!   See the attachment!   All the payments sent to my account are assumed as purchases! So, I get rewarded with Cookies! IF I was a Broadcaster, then I would Get 100 More cookies for each payment made to me.   And for you, When you bring in people and accumulate earnings, when you withdraw – Those earnings are considered as purchases at TBC and you are rewarded as per the chart below!   I just discovered this and I am amazed, I have ... 
19/08/2018 09:17
We have a team working on the bank.
Sometime ago, The TBC Admin said this,   "Behind the scenes are many teams working on various aspects of TBC.   We have a team working on the bank.   This is not a small commercial bank we are dealing with,   this particular bank is already sitting on enough assets that they could end poverty globally themselves”     *****My personal Opinion******   This is still going to happen. The timing is what I do NOT KNOW But will definitely Happen.   Look at the “110 Tribal Kings Memorandum Of Agreement t... 
19/08/2018 09:15
Congratulations for those of you that have realised that they Can Activate their team members acc...
Greetings All from Nairobi Kenya   The Time here is just past 8.15am   You have done well in the last 12hours or so. I have activated very more than 16 accounts.   That is Good.   I have problems with:     Efri Yandi : usr1404  - there is no evidence of payment or internal transfer. Please provide the Evidence   Tirtan Eka : usr1390 – The Account section needs to have the TBC Waller address so that I can compare payments received with it. They may have paid but I cannot tell     Agus Suryana : usr1368 - ... 
06/07/2018 23:33
Please also check out Initiative Q
Please also check out Initiative Q   Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites.   My personal invite link:   Please Sign up 
06/07/2018 00:52
FREE Activations by Admin!
Greetings Team!   Admin will be Activating ALL Free Accounts as of the end of July 4th 2018!   WHY   1. To Awaken All members so that we can revive our program 2. To Urge All members to take advantage of TBC by getting their Free Kringles through 3. To Urge ALL of you to take TBC seriously regardless of what you have heard. A One time $10 Wallet fee should NOT discourage You. 4. To Encourage You to use Your Newly acquired Kringles to buy Many More positions here 5. To Help Grow TBC ... with many more active users, A Bank will adopt TBC and we will be a...